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Just wondering, any reason to go the CL over one of the Bessas?
I was looking at a CL/CLE, but the Bessas beat it for rangefinder EBL, viewfinder brightness (apparently), the -A versions have aperture-priority, and the metering is a lot more long-lived. Finding CLs second-hand, most of them seemed to have dead-meters (or "untested" on the fleabay description is as good as writing "dead"). For a decent working one with a guarantee they still go for more than a lightly-used Bessa R-series.
I suppose the CL beats them for size though, and it's got the Leica nameplate (at least, half of them do).
I'm looking for broken-metered CL's which can go for less than $150. There are other differences between the two but the main reason for going CL is because of the size. Im not sure if the differences in EBL and viewfinder brightness are apparent enough to seriously consider. Another reason to go CL is that the shutter is mechanical which I prefer.