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Hi Michael,

I can't see much point in getting a CL and 40mm given what you already have. I doubt there's too much of a difference weight-wise in actual practice between the CL and an M. Given that, why would you choose to go out shooting with the CL in preference to an M3? If it's purely for the 40mm then I've heard that you can use that lens quite successfully on the M3 by using the 35mm framelines. As you're probably aware, the Leica frame lines are quite conservative, showing a good bit less than you're actually going to see on film. This means that the 35mm framelines are a reasonably accurate guide to what you could expect to get shooting with the 40mm.

I appreciate that this isn't what you're asking but might I suggest picking up a Hexar AF? It's well made, has a really superb 35mm lens, a very good viewfinder (probably not as as good as an M's but good enough) and will set you back less than the cost of a CL body alone. I have one and, despite not being a rangefinder-type of guy, I can't bring myself to sell it because the lens is so good. You can see a few black and white landscape pics I've taken with it here.

The Hexar, unlike the CL, gives you something you don't already have - an auto exposure, AF rangefinder-type camera. You might not want to shoot like that all the time but sometimes it's nice to have a change!
Thanks for your advice.

Why CL over M3?

I like to carry a 35mm camera in all lighting situations/scenarios and smaller/lighter cameras are simply more practical. The M3 is too large/bulky. I feel that the Rollei 35 is much more portable than the M and hence I use it more but adding the CL might superflous because it isn't as portable as the Rollei 35 and not much smaller than the M. I don't know though...maybe this is something that I have to try. This has nothing to do with 40mm framelines/lens. I like 40mm FOV but I wouldn't buy this camera JUST to use this lens or anything like that.

In general, I'm trying to get by with the least number of cameras. Not even because of money but because I want to be minimal with my equipment. The issue for me, and many people, is where to draw the line...

Thanks! I've thought about the Hexar too. I actually sold mine a few months ago because I preferred using my M2 but I have considered buying one back to fill in this void. I did appreciate it's size and ease of use. I might just go back to it...

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