I have recently acquired a mostly full 3 or 4 gallon jug of an off-brand fixer concentrate from a defunct print shop, along with a couple gallons of the hardener. I have questions concerning dilution for general photographic darkroom purposes--paper and film. The brand name is Synergy Graphics, and there is nothing on the internet to research. BTW, it lists Ammonium Thiosulfate as the active chemical. On the jug it says 1:3 to 1:4 dilution for film and 1:7 for paper. I have to assume it is for the graphic arts films and papers, which are a bit different from the consumer materials. So my question is: is there a compromise on the dilution rate for ordinary film and paper that would fit both well enough? I'm accustomed to Kodak Fixer, just plain powder. But I know I can put all this free fixer to use. It is somewhat sulphated, in that areas on the inside of the jug have deposits, but not too bad. The liquid is still clear and doesn't have too much of a decomposed stinky smell. Thank you.