If Liam is correct that, "A body is a body really, they all work." then the cheapest entry full manual with aperture priority and TTL flash is the Nikon FG

I assume you wanted the Nikon FA because it is the most feature rich manual focus Nikon body. No other manual focus Nikon body has all this.

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I believe I'd just get myself a good Nikkormat set-up, and use the extra money for gas and film to go hunt pictures. As for a Pentax, I was big on Pentax most of my life, before I shot a landscape one day and that darn off-center viewfinder ruined my composition.
Your Pentax must have been broken as I have a range of Pentax from 1957 to 1983 and have not seen such a thing. For that matter, I am certain I have never seen an off-center viewfinder in any of the cameras I have.