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Firstly, please don't laugh because I'm dragging out equipment made in 1972 and daring to make it work.I have this 1972 Beseler PM2 Color Analyzer in pristine cosmetic condition. Possibly it would need new filter capacitors in the power supply, but for now, I want to perform an experiment. I have a Beseler 67C with colorhead and I want to see if I can get the analyzer to help me jive my dichroic filtration to duplicate the filtration that my Ilford Multigrade filter set would give. If that makes sense.
I've researched this on the old APUG threads and someone included an Ilford publication discussing this matter. In that publication there were perhaps 3 systems--a Durst, a Kodak, and Meopta, I believe. From what I could gather, my Beseler was listed under the Kodak classification.
I may be missing something here. But I'd still like to play with this analyzer and see if it will match the dichroic to the gelatin filters. Thanks.
I have done that experiment, but the color meter readings I got through the high grade Ilford Filters (4 and above) were not accurate. I suspect that is due to a sharp cutoff in the spectrum on those filters. As you have probably noticed, the Ilford #5 filter is not the same color as the magenta filter in a dichroic head, though they should give the same contrast grade. Problem is your PM2 probably won't read those high-contrast 'non-magenta' filters correctly. Try it and see.