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Film aint dead, Fred!
Come and live in the Deep South where film is emphatically not dead! The beaches may be cooler, the sun hard to find, boardshorts instead of bikinis and high-rise towers non-existent, but you'll find film in abundance and lots of people to unwind on...
Almost an "invitation" too hard to resist... mind you when it comes to the lifestyle environment this last summer has been typically a Southern winter! Certainly made the darkroom workplace more comfortable... At least Vanbar is looking after the enthusiast photographers and their online service is OK! Visited the local Coolangatta photo-retailer recently & found buried behind other unsaleable merchandise some Ilford chemistry!!! Mind you a dust mask would have been useful! By the way... is your entry into this year Olive Cotton Portrait Competition ready? See Murwillimbah Art Centre for entry forms! Mind you looking over recent exhibitions & competitions shown here - winning entries are of "nothing to look at"... empty rooms, empty rooms with empty chairs - no need to try too hard nor excel at the art 'n craft... just a wacky idea does it for the money bags people! I'll soldier on... take care.