Hmm, neither my Spottie, my SV or my H1A are off center in the way you describe. The viewfinders on all of those cameras do not show a full 100% of what the lens is actually seeing. I have checked my Spottie and it is pretty well centered side to side. Top to bottom my viewfinder is biased toward the top a little, meaning the strip on top is less than the strip on the bottom that you don't actually see. There must be something that is not secured properly on your copy that has allowed the viewfinder image to slip somehow. You might send it to Eric Hendrickson and ask him to check it out.

But I am still not totally clear how that would have enough effect on your landscape picture to ruin it. You would actually get a little more, not less, than what you could see in your viewfinder. A small amount of cropping would have brought everything back to normal.