Well, I've taken a vacation from film photography for the last year to deal with some medical stuff. I'm pretty much done with 35mm film, and I'm basically using my K-mount lenses on my Pentax K-r. But I'd like to keep a rollfilm camera around for when I'm not feeling able to carry my 5x7 around, which I must admit, has been collecting dust lately. I'm interested in getting a Pentax 645, and was wondering if anyone has used or is using one or its bigger brother, the 67? I'm mostly concerned with functionability of the camera and having decent lenses; are the cameras reliable and able to take slight bumps, and are the lenses, in terms of optical quality and durability, as good as Pentax's 35mm lenses (the only lenses I'm familiar with)? I don't need super high resolution lenses nanocoated with angel dust, but I want something good without having to take out a 401k loan to make a down payment on Also, portability is a plus. If the pentax medium format cameras aren't horribly heavy, I'd consider the 67.