I love my FE2 and FA. Wouldn't mind an FM2. Got my eye on an F4 with a winder.
Consider getting the 28mm 2.8 AIS instead of the 35mm 1.4. It's a great lens.
I do have to wipe the spittle from the corner of my mouth when I dream of the Zeiss 35mm 1.4.
I have the 50mm 1.8 but would like to trade up to the 50mm 1.2. The 105mm f2.5 is a must and I use mine regularly.
I do also dream of the 85mm 1.4. I used to have an MD-12 motordrive but it's so big and LOUD that I'd rather just advance it smoothly by hand.

If I lost ALL my camera gear in a disaster, my nikon system is the one thing I know I would replace. Love, love, love it.