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11x14 is pretty extreme. Add any movements to that, and affording a capable lens would mean you're J Paul Getty or Warren Buffet. It's your money. Straight landscapes are fine. Any architecture and you're dead in the water.
I beg to differ on this.

A few examples:

A sub$500 355mm G Claron covers 12x20. I just sold a 213mm Repro lens for under $150 that will cover 11x14 as a pretty extreme WA. I recently bought a Graphic Kowa 240mm that easily covers 11x14" for $120. A second hand 210mm Super Angulon sold last week for under $900 (about the same price as two new DDS for this camera - eBay #230961535294). 305mm G Clarons are often listed, and under $500 (4 recently completed on there at the moment, $429 BIN most expensive, $212 cheapest).

Film availability should be of much greater concern than lens availability. As, too, should processing (you'll need space for at least a 14x17" tray if doing it this way).