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... yaw-free asymmetrics. I'm not quite sure why you'd need to specify this
one feature ...
This is the elephant in the room.

Although a field camera with base tilts will have yaw-free tilts, and usually swings as well, asymmetrical movements on both standards are not found on any folding field camera I know of. The Ebony cameras have asymmetrical movements on the rear standard.

If you want a lightweight folder (and if weight is enough of an issue for you as it is for me), then you may want to take the little bit of time it takes to master symmetrical movements and movements that are not yaw-free (i.e., which order to apply the movements). I'll wager I'm just about as fast with my base tilt, symmetrical movement 1.6 kilo woodie as most are with more sophisticated rigs. It's just a matter of practice (although doing close up and macro work is a PITA unless you have a camera with both front and rear focus).

Don't get me wrong, I love monorails with fancy movements for studio and indoor architectural work, but in the field, after 10 hours of hiking with your gear over slickrock, through cliffs and canyons, etc. I'm really happy to have a compact and lightweight camera on my back.