I've got a CLE, and an M2 and M3, and a Rollei 35S -- and I sometimes prefer to carry the CLE because it has a terrific viewfinder, shows SS in the viewfinder, and has off-the-curtain metering. While the Leica is better built and is quieter (a "snic" versus a small "clak"), there are times when having aperture priority right at hand can save a photographic opportunity. And I do find that over time, carrying the lighter Minolta is easier than the M camera. I love my 35S, which is so sharp, but its meter is less capable than the CLE's and of course it is guess focus. I'm a good distance-guesser, but I'm not as good as a rangefinder.

BTW, I had Don Goldberg modify my CLE so I don't have to push release button to move off the Aperture-Priority setting into the fixed shutter speeds - as there's no way to "hold" an exposure in a CLE, the workaround is to note the SS and then use whatever plus/minus SS you want in order to achieve the photographic result you want. OK, the modification can make changing ISO speeds in the SS dial a bit tedious, but I tend to use the same film all day so it's not an issue -- for me.