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The negative and print orientation are normally reversed from each other and those look like curves to me so until you actually define what they are I am assuming they are curves and so would anyone else looking at this. Now the upper part of the negative is the highlights and the upper part of the print are the shadows. I would read this as the highlights are somewhere over the film curve, and at the same time are beyond the paper D-max. So far none of this is making any sense to me. It would be helpful if you explain exactly what those curves are if they aren't film and paper curves.

If you look at my example, you will notice nothing falls off a curve. High key is just supposed to lighten the tones not to blow them out, which is what it appears to do in your example.
My intent is truly to blow out the background, it creates a perfect white, its a choice.

As to my squiggles looking like curves, they are mockups of curves yes. In my illustrations though conceptually highlights are at the top shadows at the bottom, so consider the print curve flipped. I don't necessarily care where the density is, I want to understand how the subjects carry through.

The intent of my illustrations is as a visualization tool.