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If the Zone System is too crude and tone reproduction is too technical, I wonder where the Goldilock's spot falls.

I'm getting ready for work and don't have time to upload it, but there's an excellent example in Theory of the Photographic Process. I'll do it after work. Truthfully, I'm not exactly sure how to read it.
I do not understand that tone reproduction is too technical, at least not in the kodak publication 'kodak professional black and white films'., I referred to before in this thread. I would say: it is very simple and written for the practical photographer. It is far more simple than the zone system books. In this thread, it was oted that the book is not available. However, I see that it can be obtained via Amazon. There is ieven a choice from different editions. I have the 1976 edition. I do not know whether the later reprints are different.