[QUOTE=Simon R Galley;1488302]All the information is on our website :

Simon ILFORD Photo / HARMAN technology Limited[/QUOTE
I had researched this on APUG before taking out this new thread and found this link (below). But I was unclear. So, Simon Galley, since I am using a Beseler 67 Dichro, does this mean I pick out my listing under the Kodak category? And if so, a complaint about my enlarger is that it is too bright. When printing color, I have to throw a lot of cyan into it and run up my magenta and yellow to keep proportions, to lengthen exposure time. Assuming I've interpreted the Ilford information correctly, will this work here too? I wonder how accurate these charts are from one model of a certain make to another.
I have a couple sets of Multigrade filters, but no matter how carefully you handle them, sooner or later they become something you don't feel comfortable holding under the lens. And a last question while I've got you on the line: I've got a set of Kodak Polycontrast filters in the little plastic yellow storage box. Are they compatible at all with Multigrade? Thank you. Here's the link from an old APUG thread.: