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I've been shooting the 645N and NII for the past year and a half. If I had to sell all my cameras but one that would be the one I kept. The plain old 645 has a few disadvantages, to me the biggest one being it uses buttons instead of dials.

Check out Pentax Forum for reviews and Ken Rockwell -- whatever your opinion of him might be --- has good reviews of the 645 and 645N.

In my opinion the lenses are excellent and my cameras have proven durable. I do a lot of mountain biking, hiking, skiing, snowmobiling with mine and it's been rugged.

$299 is a lot to pay for a 645 body. For that kind of money you should get at least a body + lens or else a 645N body.
I find Ken Rockwell tolerable, and I'll check out his reviews. And the body does come with a lens; sorry I didn't mention that earlier. Here's the link to the ebay listing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Pentax-645-M...item565562127a