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As does anikin's not-so-everyday shot of a utility pole in the middle of the road. Funny thing, that. The paper also has a nice feel and look to it, what paper is it?
I'm sorry, but I gonna have to say that I don't know. I was using up my remaining stacks of 8x10 paper, so my postcards are likely to be either Ilford MG IV, Arista EDU Ultra and/or some other Arista paper.

About my postcard. Now that nearly everyone has received it, I can explain what's going on. Yes, this is a real shot on a real road. As a matter of fact, google's satellite has taken it's picture at about the same time as I did, and you can still find it on google maps by entering coordinates 45.317056,-122.782073.

Boeckman road is my favorite lunch-time biking route from work to Parrett mountain and back. The city of Wilsonville has built this road fairly recently over some wetlands. Well, low an behold, the wetlands did not like the road, and the road started to sink. Last summer, Wilsonville started to rebuild the road. I don't know the details, but I suspect they are going to move it a few feet over and do a better support so it does not sink quite as fast.

That day I was riding my favorite route to the Parrett mountain, but I saw the road being closed. I did not see anyone on the road and it looked fine, so I rode through. When I saw the light post, I just had to take the picture

Mike Wilde gets the prize for the best guess!