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I strongly advise you to take a look at the first gen AF lenses, the plasticy ones- they are really undervalued right now, and optically many are really strong. The 35 f/2 & 85 f/1.8 are strong optical performers that are currently a little forgotten by the market.

I love AF Nikkors; my favorite are the AF-D varieties. All the AF-D primes I've used have had surprisingly good manual focusing rings. They are also the most universal lenses: they can be mounted to and metered with virtually any Nikon, from pre-AI cameras to the latest digital bodies.

I like the pro F series, so I too would recommend an F3 or F3HP (I like the F2 better, but I think the F3 is more accessible to the average user as it is smaller, lighter, more refined).

Lastly, with regards to motor drives, my favorite is probably the MD-12. It has some annoying quirks (it jams when improperly used), and it is loud, but it's extremely comfortable in the hand, it can be added to and removed from the camera without fear of light leaks, it is small and light, and it is very inexpensive.