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A word of caution, I had a a F, and an F2 once and 100% viewfinder coverage although in theory it may seem ideal it can be a pain unless you are involved in scientific photography because if you shoot slides the masking on the mounts loses a percentage of the composition and the same applies to negative carriers of enlargers unless you file them out, I now use a couple of Canon New F1's that offer 97% viewfinder coverage, the 3% solves the problem for me, I can now compose right to the edges of the visible frame knowing that I'm not going to lose anything.
Good point. I'm extremely compulsive, so I NEED to have a 100% viewfinder. This also means I've filed my negative carrier on my enlarger, and I leave my slides unmounted which is fine except I can't project them.

It's probably easier for most to use a viewfinder with 95-97% coverage.