I have a 35-105 on my F3 and a 28-85 autofocus on my F4. I like short zooms for the convenience. But the cost is a slower lens.
About zooms. If you have a MANUAL focus lens, then a 1-ring push/pull zoom focus ring is great. If you have an AUTOFOCUS lens on an autofocus body, then a 2-ring zoom would work, and you just ignore the focus ring.
WARNING. If you need to service a zoom, expect it to cost a LOT $$$. This is simply because the zoom mechanism makes it more time consuming to disassemble and reassemble (and colimate) than a prime lens. I was given a $200+ estimate to CLA my 80-200/f4 zoom.

I prefer the F3 w/o a motor. w/o the motor, it is easier to handle and lighter. The times that I wanted a motor drive is less than 1/10 of 1%, so I feel it is not worth it, unless its is free. But then how much less would the F3 be w/o the "free" motor drive?