I have actually not had problems with the Arista branded Foma, but I have heard from plenty of people who have. Apparently their QC isn't nearly so bad as the late lamented Efke's, but certainly isn't that of Ilford either.

Interesting that they describe the graded RC as being "very neutral to cold." How the heck can it be "very neutral?" Semantics aside, it would be nice to have a truly cold tone VC FB paper. Slavic is available again in the US but that's graded. Ilford has MC Cooltone, but that's RC only and not available in sizes larger than 11x14. This doesn't look like it will help that but we can continue to hope. I love Ilford MGWT FB and warm tone papers in general for some things, but not everything. Some photos are just better cool. Right now that means MGIV FB and selenium for me, though I've heard Kentmere VCFB is cooler.