The experiment:

Out of C-41 and needed to develop a roll of Fuji ECN type film. So I mixed a batch of HC110/B and an equal amount of Kodak E6 Color Developer. Mixed the two and developed this roll of film in it. 3 minutes at 100F, wash and blix for 5 minutes. The film is about 3 years out of date so I did not expect much, but I am quite pleased and surprised at the results. Enough so I may tweak the process more as feedback come in. First, the color card was exposed using the "Full Spectrum" 40 watt fluro tubes in the room. After processing I placed the negs on the light table (cool white)? and imaged using my only digicam, an old Sony FD71. The image was reversed and slightly adjusted and tweaked in P-Shop. So I tried another roll, but this time 3 minutes of HC110 at room temp, wash, color develop at room temp, wash and blix also at room temp. The results were NOT what I expected at all. I got B&W negs. Not a hint of color at all, except for the film base.