F surface? Polycontrast? Kodak hasn't made any paper for years and this is Kodak terminology.

As far a single-weight fiber-base papers go, I only know of the Slavich. Everything else is double-weight (which I prefer).

The best run-down you will get is the Freestyle website: http://www.freestylephoto.biz . They have about everything except the Slavich, which they no longer import. That is available through Laser Reflections in Washington State: http://www.laserreflections.com/menu.htm , although only in the European sizes (which are fine for me since I trim and dry mount prints anyway).

My personal preference is for graded paper, but I'm using variable-contrast paper more and more as the graded choices become fewer. I like Ilford Gallerie, Slavich 160, Adox 110, and Fomabrom 111 VC in the current line-up of cold-tone/white base papers.