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I was going to go Pentax but now thinking Nikon will be easier since we have so much gear anyhow.
Ah what fun to speculate on a new system and accessories. (When so much can sit unused.) It stirs the blood and imagination. Beeeelch; excuse me.

Anyways, I picked up a FT2 Nikkormat last year, and while I was in a funky get rid of everything mood last week, upon perusing the body and lenses for marks, pre sale, I realized that it was just to nice of a small system to sell. I only put it together for about $200, + or -, body, 50 Non-Ai f2 and 35mm AIS. It was really the 35mm that influenced my decision. The difference between this body and some of the Nikon AF's that I own or have handled, is that this body has personality; It's not a plastic fantastic computer does it all machine. I want to pick it up and use it; If I wasn't so bored with the offerings around town. It also has the magnificent stop down push button on the top plate. Now while I'm not looking to influence your decision towards such a doorstop, I wonder what it is about the medium format system that turns you off. Because I've got to say that any extra real estate, from my estimation, is a big plus for big prints. Pentax on the other hand will always be a draw for me. Some lenses are just magic.

So I'll make an intermediary suggestion before you go whole-hog AF. (boring) Especially since your out in what I consider some prime real estate for shooting. Buy yourself a wide format folder. Light, 120 film, some great lenses and fun to shoot, with personalities, and some are cheap. Sell the rest in the meantime and sit on your thoughts. You just never know how your mind will, or can change regarding what might be (another) right camera.