Well, my new project is 4x5 pinholes enlarged to 20x24 in the darkroom and I have sheets full of 6x7 that I am doing a lith portfolio with. My consideration of the early AF lenses is that they have good quality and can meter correctly with my D5100. I use digital for film making, so having interchangable systems is a major plus for me. I'll still have a Yaschica TLR and a 4x5 with multiple lenses and hoping to get a 6x12 back. That should give me numerous options for shooting.

In all honesty, I wouldn't have considered 35mm at all until recently, when I was enlarging some Acros negatives and realized that they are so sharp and beautiful that I really began to wonder why I was shooting 6x7 to begin with. Tonality, yes, but then that's what the 4x5 is for. Also, I got 80 rolls of 35mm for less than $100 (all Acros 100, Neopan 400, Tmax 100 and 400), so I need an excuse to shoot em!