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Jobo Multitank 2 (. Will do 2 rolls of 120 or 6 sheets of 4x5 (with the 2509n insert). Minimum chemicals around 270ml.

The next size up is the multitank 5 (2550) which will do six 120 and twelve 4x5 (with 2 2509n inserts).

You should be able to get a used Multitank 2 for well under $100 in eBay; check the completed listings.

You can easily, and cheaply, make a roller base from 2 sets of skateboard trucks/wheels bolted close together on a board if you don't want to roll on a bench top. There are several forum threads on making a funnel system to fill these tanks quickly (that is, do what a Jobo lift system does without the expense).

In my opinion, Jobo tanks, even rolled on bench tops, offer the easiest, most consistent results of any system. Others, no doubt, will have their own, differing, opinions. However, given you've used these before, why not just stick to what you know?
Thank you, Sir.
This is what i will do - will try to find a Jobo 2520 tank.