I'm in Warsaw for the week, and today I dropped by part of a presentation by Ryszard Horowitz, known for the very slick conceptualist/surrealist photo-illustrations he's made since the 1960s, very much in tune with the Polish style of 20th century poster art. I'd always assumed he did these with a lot of stripping, masking, and compositing in post, but he showed the setups and it's pretty much all done using carefully designed sets, lighting, and illusions of scale. So to have a woman's face in a broken eggshell, he has a broken eggshell close to the lens, and a woman several feet behind. During the part that I saw (I was on the way between two other events and couldn't stay for all of it), he didn't say how he was getting everything in focus, because some of these near/far effects aren't possible to manage even with camera movements, but I assume it involves multiple exposure and refocusing, and a few Polaroids to be sure everything lines up properly. In any case, this work really shows just how much can be done creatively without much in the way of either digital or analogue post production.