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This is actually very good advice Steve. Now I have elmar 50mm f2.8 M mount and it is much smaller than 50mm summicron, but what is really smal is screw mount elmar 5cm f3.5! It is like you have M body wihout lens. What OP can do is to buy industar 22 for next to nothing and test it, and if it is what he wants - go for elmar. There is also hektor f2.5 that is tiny when colapsed.
Or if he gets a good Industar just keep that!

Frankly while a good alternative, in my opinion does not cut it. Even with my tiny 35/3.5 uncoated Elmar mounted in my M2, which practically flush to the body and does not need extension, its still bulkier and heavier than my CL with 40/2 Summicron and not as pocketable in a light jacket pocket.

Another alternative but completely different is a Contax T2. Compact, pocketable and a top class performer. 38/2.8 Sonnar lens. About $300-350 lately.