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the problem is there is so much HYPE about everything that when you actually see it in "real life"
it doesn't seem like it should. i remember seeing the mona lisa at the louvre when i was a high school student
and while i didn't mind having to stand back behind the rope &c it just didn't have the presence that it had
later on when i studied renaissance painting and da vinci's work.
In some cases this can be true. But a couple of years ago I was privileged to view an exhibition of Yousef Karsh portraits. I was in a state of reverential awe as I moved from one to another. Maybe it was partly due to the places in history the subjects occupied: Ernest Hemingway, Ingrid Bergman (the most beautiful photograph of a woman I have ever seen), Winston Churchill. But I think it was more due to Karsh's mastery of composition and pose and lighting. Those photographs certainly had presence for me.

And, living in the same city as the O. Winston Link museum I can go look at his work whenever I like. I am always impressed by the impact that his prints have on me.