I believe I was using somewhere around 1 to 30 or so with the Kodak RST. I'd like to resolve the grade situation on the Slavich stuff. I looked on the Laser Reflection site and saw grade 3 being the only available. If their grade 3 was the same as Kodak's and Ilfrords's then I need to move along. If I order, I'll just order a regular supply and hope for the best. My intent is to print 8x10 single weight as "just proof's", for the purpose of shooting lots of useless boring shots, just to polish this hobby of photography that I let rust away for years. I figure while they may be "just proofs" on single weight, a few good prints from all my playing can still be called "final". I just do not like RC paper, never liked it, and never will. Don't ask me why. All RC is good for to me is contact printing a roll.