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I tend to shop with KEH because I aint much of a gambler, and frankly, they've had such amazing customer service I couldn't imagine why not.

Right now, looks like we are going to end up with an F100+motor, 50mm 1.4 AF, 20mm 2.8 AF, 35mm 2.0 AF, and the 75-300 4.0 AF. At least, that's how the current mood feels.
Looking at that list, my only suggestion would be consider rolling the 20mm & 35mm into the 20-35 f/2.8 AF-D; it's heavier than each, but not both, better made, cheaper than both together (if you get one in the $600 range), and a competitive performer optically. On the other hand, just having a light body with a light wide angle is nice, sometimes I wish I had that option. Still, it's my only Nikon wide-angle currently, and it's never let me down.