For Sale: Minolta 7xi AF with Travel Card.

If you want to buy please send a PM with your Paypal email address so I can send an invoice.

Prices include shipping with Japan Post Registered Economy Airmail. Registered Economy Airmail is traceable and insured.

1. USA/Canada 25 USD
2. Australia/NZ 25 USD
3. Europe 30 USD
4. Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea and China 22.50 USD
5 South America 35 USD

For Sale: Minolta 7xi. I have film tested the camera. Exposures were accurate. I believe the shutter and meter are accurate.

The camera HAS NOT BEEN cleaned, lubricated or adjusted.

Body Condition: Excellent. The outside is very good condition. The is no brassing. There are no dents. There are no cracks. There are a few light scuffs. There are some minor scratches. The right hand grip has faded in color, but it is NOT tacky or sticky. The film door closes tightly and firmly.

Viewfinder Condition: The viewfinder is clean. There is no mold inside the penta-prism.

Digital Displays’ All internal viewfinder and top digital displays work and are clearly visible. The data back display can be set and adjusted, but I do not know if it imprints as I have never used it.

Focusing: The camera continuous or single focusing works.

Shutter Condition: The shutter is accurate. The shutter curtains are undamaged.

Meter Condition’ The meter is accurate. The AE-L works. I can manually set the ISO or let the camera set the ISO based on the DX reading. The EV compensation works and is accurate.

Program Modes’ The Program, Aperture, Shutter and Manual options work correctly. The shutter speed dial and aperture setting dial operate, so you can easily adjust those settings.

I can insert and use the two program cards I have for sale. The camera recognizes the cards and set custom functions. I never used the cards.

Flash The pop-up flash works. The flash EV compensation works and is accurate. I do not know if the hot shoe flash works as I have never used it.

Other operations: The AF-L lock button operates. The self-timer works.

Notes: The is a strap, but no body cap.