For Sale: Nikon F90 (User condition, but operates correctly.)

If you want to buy please send a PM with your Paypal email address so I can send an invoice.

Prices include shipping with Japan Post Registered Economy Airmail. Registered Economy Airmail is traceable and insured.

1. USA/Canada 25 USD
2. Australia/NZ 25 USD
3. Europe 30 USD
4. Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea and China 22.50 USD
5 South America 35 USD

Camera operates correctly. I shot 3 rolls with the camera. Exposures were accurate. I used AI lenses on the camera. I only use aperture mode with the camera. I got the standard center-weight and spot metering. All the camera functions operate. I do not know if the data-back operates as I have not inserted a battery. The data-back is peeling. The viewfinder has some dust inside. It also has one spec of dirt. There external and internal displays are clearly visible. There is no LED leaks. As I said the camera is in user condition externally.