No prob HTF, glad to provide some aid in your search. The market of graded cold tone paper is next to nil and am happy to aid. A coupla comments, 1) Laser Reflections sources from Geola (in Lithuania who then buy from Slavich directly). Laser Reflections can source whatever Geola gets, which per Geola's site below are those sizes I cited. The cost is competitive to say Ilford MGIV FB, so I find it worth it because the tone is so cold, I sure love the matte single weight FB smooth Slavich Unibrom:

Last, I completely agree regarding that photo makers should have a swatch book for us to use to check out their papers, check out what I found in my box of fun things, an old Agfa swatch book from the 70's....if only we could figure out how to make that time machine and get some stacks of Brovira!