I didn't have room to sort the stuff as well as I'd like for the photo, but here it is.
We were at the monthly Tannehill Trade Days event (Tannehill State Park, AL), and ran across a blue tub full of camera parts. At this event, I usually see a broken body with maybe a lens, and the guy will be asking 30 or 40 bucks for it. I pass on these.
This one was labeled $70 for the box, and I noticed that the 2 cameras and their lenses were all from the same family. Figuring this was a good sign, and seeing what seemed to be a mobile studio's worth of gear, my better half an I agreed to check back on our way out. So... obviously we picked up the bin, with Two AE-1 cameras, two 1.8/50 lenses, a couple longer ones, all seem clean enough, but I'll get 'em under better light when I can. There was a box of like new gel filters, the bracket/flash you see in the pic, a belt brace, case, a handful of expired film (she said it'd been refrigerated, I'll call it "fun" film). A bunch of cords, a light meter that doesn't seem to be functional, another simpler flash bracket, the pictured umbrella, a metric buttload of paper in several sizes. I can't swear to the condition of the paper, so it'll be like the film, just to play with. Some of it is perfectly sized for the shoebox pinhole cameras we built a while back.
A set of flash filters, and a bunch of other small stuff I can't list off the top of my head at the moment (I have just about all of it in the pic), and we ended up agreeing on $47 for the lot.

I've tested one of the cameras so far (the one mounted in the bracket), and it seems to fire pretty well at high and low speed. I'll run a roll or two through it and see how that goes.