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My goldfish, Gil, was very upset and offended at this statement. He thought it was fishy that he was singled out in your post.

In fact he was so offended he swam over to Fin, who is a shark and discussed whether he had some sort of recourse he could pursue. Fin had some of the girls in the secretarial pool work on a legal brief and will be contacting you shortly.

Between you and me Fin must be working pro bono because I know for a fact the Gil's house is under water and he doesn't have a pot to piss in. His wife Bubbles left him last fall for a butterfly Koi and he's been pretty down, although he's been chasing a lot of strange tail lately.

Anyway, you may want to be careful who you are dissing these days because everyone has rights. And just for your information I've seen Gil suspended in one place just staring a the wall for hours, so his attention span is just fine thank you.

As I understand it, goldfish don't have the capacity for any significant attention span.

The phrase "nice castle" is what the goldfish think, over, and over, and over.

Lately, I've heard they have begun posting - "why can't we discuss scanning on APUG?"