For a cheap camera, this is turning out a bit expensive so far...
$189 - Travelwide 60 & 90
$60 - shipping
202 - 65/8 SA
161 - 90/8 SA
45 - shipping
$15 - 5x film backs
$35 - shipping

That's $800 so far, plus I need film, a light meter, and probably a MOD54 to develop stuff (I was already going to buy a Paterson 2-reel tank, now i'll get a 3-reel to fit the mod54 in).
(I'm not counting the $250 i also just spent on getting scanning fluid to Aus, nor the betterscanning mount or the v750 I already bought last year)

Still, for less than $1000 that's a damn nice setup, and would probably take a lot nicer images than $4000 worth of digital...