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For a cheap camera, this is turning out a bit expensive so far...
$189 - Travelwide 60 & 90
$60 - shipping
€202 - 65/8 SA
€161 - 90/8 SA
€45 - shipping
$15 - 5x film backs
$35 - shipping

That's $800 so far, plus I need film, a light meter, and probably a MOD54 to develop stuff (I was already going to buy a Paterson 2-reel tank, now i'll get a 3-reel to fit the mod54 in).
(I'm not counting the $250 i also just spent on getting scanning fluid to Aus, nor the betterscanning mount or the v750 I already bought last year)

Still, for less than $1000 that's a damn nice setup, and would probably take a lot nicer images than $4000 worth of digital...
Of course there's nothing to be done about shipping when it's international and long distance.

I suspect many of us who are buying these already shoot 4x5 (or 5x4 if you prefer...) and so already have most of the items. I already have the lens, the film holders, 4x5 film in the fridge, light meters, both a Luna Pro SBC (which I'll use with this) and a spot meter, a Jobo set up for 4x5 etc. I will add a cheap Russian Blik rangerfinder for this camera too.

There's no getting around some of this stuff if you want to get into 4x5 but if that is your only object something like a Graphic camera or something like my old Tech III (which are bargains when they come up) might be a better, more versatile investment. This is for small and light easily carried and quickly used handheld 4x5. A Graphic or technical camera with rangerfinder can be used handheld but is far larger and heavier (though a lot more versatile) than the Wanderlust and depending on your strength and determination maybe not all that practical handheld, and certainly not unobtrusive or anything you'll just sling in a shoulder bag when off to do something else.