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A 110/2.8 on 6x7 is approximately the same (in FOV and DOF) as a 55/1.4 on 35mm. There's no easy comparison because the aspect ratio differs: when you frame, do you compare the long side, short side or diagonal?

A simpler way is to look at the physical aperture size - that will give you a good idea of how much bokeh there is for similar fields of view. 110/2.8 = 55/1.4 = 39.3mm, and 50/1.4 = 35.7mm.

So many more 35mm systems were made though that good glass for them is easier to find. But if you want large, creamy smooth prints, you need large negatives too.
Thanks Polyglot,

Good to get such precise info, my point was that it was very much the type of lens the OP was looking for if he/she chose a MF system.


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