This morning I was looking at an old photo magazine before tossing it and noticed some b/w photos that were huge and displayed on a wall. I'm talking about 4 feet by 5 feet or more (maybe 6 X 8). I was wondering, how are these made and who makes them? I know you could just turn an enlarger to shoot it on the wall, but where would you get the paper for this. My guess is that the emulsion is applied to the mounting board or something. These were not done digitally, and even if they were I have seen pictures like this long before digital. So my question is simply, how is this done. Also, if I'm right about the emulsion just applied to the display medium, what is the board or paper that is used for this? I assume these have to be shot with a minimum 4x5 camera and probably an 8x10, but where do you get an enlarger that size? Any websites that you know answer my questions? Thank you. Ric.