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Yea those CR2's are a pita and get pricey running the N65.
Back when I was green (i still am really ) I had mine in the bag and it held the shutter button down just enough to spend the battery
Bummer. The cheapest CR2s I've found were $10.26 for 4 on Amazon, about what I paid for both cameras. I couldn't wait for them to come from Amazon and paid more than that for 2 at Walgreens, the only place I could find any at all. I keep looking at the battery compartment thinking there must be a way to fit some cheaper batteries into it. All it would take is fitting 6V in about the space of a AA with enough mAH to last more than a couple rolls. I'm open to suggestions.

I mostly got them to round out my collection of later Nikon film cameras (and because they were so cheap) but I'd like to run a roll of film through each on occasion. Both of them seem like pretty neat little cameras.