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Bummer. The cheapest CR2s I've found were $10.26 for 4 on Amazon, about what I paid for both cameras. I couldn't wait for them to come from Amazon and paid more than that for 2 at Walgreens, the only place I could find any at all. I keep looking at the battery compartment thinking there must be a way to fit some cheaper batteries into it. All it would take is fitting 6V in about the space of a AA with enough mAH to last more than a couple rolls. I'm open to suggestions.

I mostly got them to round out my collection of later Nikon film cameras (and because they were so cheap) but I'd like to run a roll of film through each on occasion. Both of them seem like pretty neat little cameras.
eBay has been good to me when it comes to the relatively wide variety of camera batteries I've purchased.

Here is a quickly located example - $8.99 for 6 batteries - I haven't purchased from this vendor, but the listing looks typical of the listings I have used in the past: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/6-CR2-CR-2-DL...item3f226a8529