We run much TP still in dr5 - http://www.dr5.com/blackandwhiteslide/tp.html
It is still a viable film. Even abused, it lasts a long time. I have found the best processing option for TP are positives.
That kodak didn't make tecnadol available for the long term leaves no other option in my opinion.


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Ideally would like a technidol substitute for 0.5 to 0.6 contrast index times/etc. ISO 16-32.

Must either be something off the shelf from the follow:

Current Kodak (excluding HC-110) or Ilford developers, Rodinal, Adotech II, LP Docufine

Or something mixed up. Have phenidone, metol, hydroquinone, the usual.

Must give times, must have even development without issue (pre-soak no pre-soak?).

No test roll to run through, only a single roll.

edit: Just found the info sheet for the LP Docufine, which has times for Tech Pan at different ISOs and gives the gamma for each one, so this is probably the choice for now (iirc its the same developer as Rollei RLC?)