Hey guys, this is an "fr special" tank, I have two and don't need both.

I got them in my quest to find a tank for 70mm. This will do 35mm(&828), 127, 120(&620) and 116!! Also it will do short rolls of 70mm since 116 is the same height as 70mm.

It comes with the box, tank with reel, and the instructions which they cleverly made 120 in size (HINT: to all you cutters out there it's the perfect guide for cutting 120 strips from other size film).

If you have some odd size between all those sizes, it CAN be left at that height as you can see the notches keep it specific but it's tight enough you could put it between them and it seem like it would stay.

$10+shipping(which in the US would be about $22 in a normal flat rate box I think).




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