Hello all,

Excuse me gentlemen, I'm a newcomer to APUG and just caught on this thread which greatly interested me and so I decided to post this. I would like to address Mr. Miglioli in particular on whether he's been sucessful in trying to perform process E-6 at home. Nothing equals Fuji Velvia 50's color palette and naturalness in my estimation, and so I feel just 'half pleased' by the results digital gear provides me with. The ability to develop E-6 at home with ease and a good outcome is a very appealing idea indeed.

I feel much too worried now that Kodak has ceased all of its slide film production and at the same time we don't really know what Fuji's next move will be in the medium-term. Photography will be dead to me if I should find myself left with no options but digital equipment, whose color palette performance is in fact poor and exhibits a marked and noticeable decay in quality as illumination levels fall down, leaving but distasteful browns, greens and grays behind it - a synthetic-clad visual aesthetic we have come to witness everywhere. It's ridiculous the world at large bought this 'digital lie' unquestioningly as something sacrosanct and reacted monolithically without protesting. But I digress!

Please let me know what your advances have been.

Wram R. C. Accorsi