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Is there a device which might screw onto the tripod socket of an SLR that would provide the ability to hand-hold film cameras at slow speeds (1/4, 1/8, etc) and get sharp results? I think that there are some lenses with this built-in but I am talking about a separate device. - David Lyga
There are a number of film cameras that support the same stabilized lenses you see used on the DSLR's. This technique of moving the lens elements to counteract for camera motion isn't very expensive and it costs the same for film or digital.
As for separate devices that use the gyro principle these devices actually stabilize the camera and keep it steady. They have to be heavy because if they are not heavy they are not effective and they are also expensive. They were available long before the in lens or in camera were available. They don't need a computer to run them just power the spin the gyro.