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The only official cost is chipping in for the porta-potty. There's usually camping space if the field isn't a swamp (or there are hotels nearby). Food is a "herd-the-cats" thing and we pick a local place that's fairly reasonable most of the time. Or pizza.
It's a fairly flexible friendly group of people who enjoy taking pictures of whatever we can find (there are lots of choices in the Cuyahoga area) and also like sharing the results of our expeditions (bring prints to show). It's always a good time!
Let it not be said that the host wants to hog all the jobs. I believe we have a new Public Relations Executive. Thank you madam PRE. You are good, except the part about camping and swamp. Bear in mind we have had campers at each event and madam aways stays in a motel or goes home. Some of the camping misadventures involved rain in the middle of the night when said camper had not used a drop cloth or other waterproofing. That can not be said to be the fault of the camp ground, but it did create some fun stories for the rest of us.