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IDK as you can see this can get quite tricky and overly complicated.

I think that the differences in bokeh within the same format is mostly for photo nerds.

Keep in mind that if you get the Mamiya then you wouldn't be able to focus as closely (or as accurately) as you would with an SLR/TLR. Getting in closer helps decrease the DOF.

Untitled by Michael_Sergio_Barnes, on Flickr

Untitled by Michael_Sergio_Barnes, on Flickr

Not razor thin but these are up close at f4 with Rolleinar 1's (Rolleiflex close up lenses). f2.8 at these distances is too thin for me.
I think you're incorrect about the Mamiya, a Mamiya RZ67 is SPECIFICALLY designed with bellows so it can get SUPER close. MUCH closer than a TRL.


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