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I went and took a few test shots to try the camera out. It is underexposing a bit and the focus point is just behind what I'm focusing on. I'll make one more tweak and call it good. I tried the looking into the camera with a second camera method followed by looking at the film plane. For my eyes, looking at the film plane was difficult, would work better with a magnifier which I didn't have handy. I used the split prism of the reference camera. In the end, I expect the camera to work fine. I am now going through a rebuild of a Mamiya 1000DTL, same kind of focus screen setup.

A Mamiya/Sekor 1000 DTL--what a camera! If I may put in 2 before you start, do some meter calibration first, to see if the 2 meters can be pulled into agreement. You might find that the meter cell behind the mirror is weak and cannot be done. To me, that dictates the whole rebuild practicality on that model. I'm telling you what though--in it's day it was the most under rated camera of all. Perfect exposure every negative. The camera goes off with a silky-smooth "flop", and the wind is so sweet. Terrific camera.