You know you want one of these just for the cool factor -- a Russian copy of a pre-war Contax III, this is a model 4 (or maybe 3 -- web sites are not clear) made in 1963, which is good because in 1963 the factory still had workers and tooling from the days of the German instructors and World War II reparation era, so the cameras are better quality.

This one shows it -- smooth winding and firing. The slowest speeds are a titch draggy, but that's 50 years talking and when's the last time you shot a picture at 1/2 a second anyway? Come, on, be honest.

The meter does work, I leave it to you to figure out the film speeds on it. I never did. All this can be yours for a mere $70, and that includes postage to anywhere in the United States reachable by the US Postal Service. Foreign customers pay actual cost less the $10 I added to the price to make it look as if I were offering free shipping. Pick up in Ogden, Utah, I knock off $10 too.

Lens is clear, no haze or fungus, camera looks about right for moderately used. No dings or dents or Zeiss bumps. Rangefinder is dead-on.

You can't buy classic looks like this for less anywhere, not even in Ukraine.

PM or email, which is also my paypal name.

thanks --

Charlie Trentelman, Ogden, Utah.